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Protect Your Eyes At Work Place



In the Digital Era, computers and cellphones have become an essential part of life, from sending emails to watching videos, our eyes are continuously exposed to screens all the time. As a result of this, our eye experiences discomfort and vision problems. Sometimes we also start to see blurry. These groups of symptoms are referred to as Computer Vision Syndrome or Digital Eye Strain.  The level of discomfort caused depends upon the time of exposure to the screen.

The most common symptoms associated with CVS are as follows:-

blurry vision
dry eyes
shoulder pain

So what causes it?

Viewing text on print is different than on screens. The contrast of the background on the text is reduced comparatively, hence making it look blurred.

Concentrating continuously on the screen without blinking causes the eye to become itchy and red. Also the air conditioning can cause the air inside the room to dry up quickly and accelerate tear evaporation. Even people who wear Glasses and lenses may find it not suitable to view screen from particular distances, some people tilt their heads because there glasses are not designed for the screens.

How to Avoid CVS?

Having a normally lit room is always better; to avoid glares and reflections on the screen it is better to put your screen away from the window. For a better view, use dark weight fonts on a light background.

Always place your monitor level below the eyes. Always take rest in between using the computer for 30-40 minutes. Intentionally increase the blinking of eyes for eyes to be properly moisturized.





Presbyopia usually occurs beginning at around age 40, Presbyopia is part of the natural aging process of the eye, and can be easily corrected. The process is as natural as wrinkles, and it affects everyone at some point in life. Presbyopia generally starts to appear around age 40.

Symptoms and Signs of Presbyopia

  • People find the need to hold books, magazines, newspapers, menus and other reading materials at arm’s length
  • Develop headaches when they perform near work, such as embroidery or handwriting, eye strain or feel fatigued.

Presbyopia Treatment:

Presbyopia cannot be cured. In its place, prescription glasses, contact lenses, reading glasses, progressive addition lenses, or bifocals can aid to correct the effects of presbyopia. Bifocals are often prescribed for presbyopia. Bifocals are eyeglasses that have two different prescriptions in one spectacle lens. The top part of the lens corrects for distance vision and the lower portion of the lens is designed to help a person see objects up close.

New treatments on horizon are Kamra inlays which are small discs with pin hole like aperture in Center are inserted in middle of corneal layers to increase depth of focus.

Femtosecond laser assisted presbyopia correction which is a non invasive treatment .Intralenticular cuts are taken to aid in reading.

Those who want permanent correction can also undergo clear lens exchange with multi focal intraocular lenses.

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