Opt For Lasik To Ditch Glasses!



If you wear glasses or contact lenses then they are friends with you for a lifetime & you get resistant to

the discomforts caused by them. LASIK in this case is a boon to you, it is more than improving your

vision but it is freedom from glasses for you!

Why Choose LASIK?

Glasses can cause hassles while you go for a swim while contact lens wearers need googles to get rid of

the irritation underwater

LASIK guarantees a perfect 20/20 vision whereas glasses can make you see clearly only till you wear

them. Glasses also carry a risk of damage or getting lost but LASIK is you permanent clear vision.

A Painless LASIK There is no pain during the surgery, since anesthetic eye drops numb your eyes.

Although some patient may experience mild discomfort or a pressure sensation during the procedure.

No Dependency on glasses or contacts is no longer required after LASIK – The durability of LASIK means

that patients won’t need to rely on glasses or contacts after the procedure.

Choose Freedom With LASIK!!