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Glaucoma – Can Be The Beginning Of Blindness!


In this digital centric world, it is extremely difficult to find people without a digital gadget. People either spend their majority of time on smartphones or on a laptop or desktop. However, people don’t care about how much pressure they are putting on their precious eyes. Yes, looking at the screen on a constant basis causes eye pain, eye itching, and red eyes etc. that give an indirect invitation to various severe eye diseases.

Glaucoma is one of the major eye diseases, which can cause complete blindness if it doesn’t get diagnosed at the right time. It is a second leading cause of blindness that occurs due to damaged optic nerve and this damage prominently happens due to intraocular pressure or the pressure arises inside the eyes. Optic nerve is the one, who actually supplies visual information to the brain and hence people lose sight. Because of it’s overall syndrome pattern, it is known as a ‘sneak thief of sight’!

In India Glaucoma is the 3rd leading cause of blindness. Anybody can suffer through Glaucoma; regardless of age group but still people over the age of 40 are much prone to get infected. Also, there are some risk factors, which raise the chances of getting affected such as -

-         Ethnic background

-         Elevated interaocular pressure

-         Family history of disease

-         Serious eye injury

-         Use of cortic osteroids for a longer time

If you belong any of the above risk factors, then it is highly recommended to get diagnosed as soon as possible before it becomes much severe and complicated.